Continental Grand Prix 4 Season 公路車 OPEN 框可折式專業外胎 - 黑色版 - OE 包裝


  • 黑色, 700 x 25c, 可折



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Continental Tire
The Continental Grand Prix 4 Season in the Black Edition withstands extreme loads thanks to its DuraSkin® fabric. The tyre offers very high mileage with excellent grip on wet roads and at low temperatures. & Vectran Breaker Vectran is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fibre from a natural model. Like spider silk, Vectran is a liquid-crystalline polymer (LCP). Vectran is spun from melted liquid polymer Vectra and processed further to a multi-strand thread. Spider silk, like Vectran, has an enormous tear resistance at a very low weight – exactly the right properties to process into a premium Continental bike tyre as a puncture protection insert. A Vectran Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than the comparable nylon breaker. Vectran Breaker does not adversely affect the rolling resistance. & DuraSkin Tyres with DuraSkin sidewall protection have to be able to roll with the punches. They are used under the harshest conditions. The high quality polyamide fabric protects the tyre casing against the worst conditions. These tyres stand out thanks to their brown sidewalls. & About Continental More than 100 years experience in the development and production of bicycle tyres has made Continental a unique company within the industry. Continental is the only German bicycle tyre manufacturer to produce its tyres in Germany. Knowing this serves as a mighty incentive to there engineers and everyone else involved in the manufacturing process to constantly strive for further innovations. In their technology and development center in Korbach, they are constantly developing new revolutionary technologies such as the unbeatable Black Chili Compound and the ultimate Vectran Breaker anti-puncture technology, both used at the top end of race sport. These technologies demand sophisticated processes to ensure legendary end-product quality, and these innovations as well as the new “ProTection” and ”RaceSport” technology for MTB tyres, can only be manufactured in Continental's factory in Germany. In order to offer the best tyre for any application, they rely equally on dialogue with professional racers, hobby cyclists and everyday bike riders. This results not only in high-end products for top sports applications such as the new Podium TT or the revolutionary downhill tyre “Der Kaiser”, but also tyres for everyday use like the new innovative combination EcoContact/EcoContact Plus as a companion to the latest e-bike trend. Type: Clincher Robust all-season tyre with carefree puncture protection and superior durability Solid touring and training companion that neither shuns sun nor rain Excellent puncture protection through double Vectran puncture protection insert Excellent grip and maximum mileage paired with robust DuraSkin side protection TPI: 330 Please Note: This item is OE pack
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